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Portable Air Conditioner - WPC-5000(60Hz)

Portable Air Conditioner - WPC-5000(60Hz) - weltem

Cooling capacity (BTU, ton, kW)
21,000 / 1.7Rt / 6.1kW
Power supply (Hertz,Phase,Volts)
60 / Single / 220
Size (WxDxH)mm
523 x 671 x 1042
92kg (202Lbs)
Current Consumption
11 Amps
Power consumption
Air filter material
Aluminum / Vinylchoride
Refrigerant type
R-22 / R-410A
Max hot air duct length
condensate Tank (Liter)
12 Liter
Cooling Area (㎡)
Fan Speeds

Weltem Portable Air Conditioners feature spot cooling for large areas where cooling of the entire is not practical. A dedicated spot cooling thermostat controls the unit in this application. These air conditioners can also be used in smaller areas for room cooling. A control panel provides ease of use and contains a self-diagnostic function and display. showing operating modes. room and set temperatures. and faults. If an abnormal operation occurs, a visual of the fault is shown. Caster wheels are included for easy portability

> Typical Use·Easy installation
·Condesate overflow protection
·Cleanse & dehumidify the air as it cools

·Spot cool and room thermostat setting
·Washable filter

·Self-dignostic system

·Durable metal construction
·Hot & cold ducts are easily extendable.

·Auto-restart (Power interruption)
·Suitable for all applications

> Application of I-CEN

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