Sunday, April 27, 2014

Portable Air Conditioner - HPC-3000 - weltem

Portable Air Conditioner - HPC-3000

Cooling capacity (BTU, ton, kW)
12,000 / 1Rt / 3.4kW
Power supply (Hertz,Phase,Volts)
50 / Single / 220
Size (WxDxH)mm
440 x 500 x 965
60kg (132Lbs)
Current Consumption
7 Amps
Power consumption
Air filter material
Refrigerant type
Max hot air duct length
condensate Tank (Liter)
12 Liter
Cooling Area (㎡)
 Fan Speeds

Weltem Portable Air Conditioners feature spot cooling for large areas where cooling of the entire is not practical. A dedicated spot cooling thermostat controls the unit in this application. These air conditioners can also be used in smaller areas for room cooling. A control panel provides ease of use and contains a self-diagnostic function and display. showing operating modes. room and set temperatures. and faults. If an abnormal operation occurs, a visual of the fault is shown. Caster wheels are included for easy portability

> Typical Use·Easy installation
·Condesate overflow protection
·Cleanse & dehumidify the air as it cools

·Spot cool and room thermostat setting
·Washable filter

·Self-dignostic system

·Durable metal construction
·Hot & cold ducts are easily extendable.

·Auto-restart (Power interruption)
·Suitable for all applications

> Application of I-CEN

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Portable Air Conditioner, Weltem,  HPC-3000

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Portable Air Conditioner - WMC-2500 (50Hz) - weltem

Portable Air Conditioner - WMC-2500 (50Hz)

Cooling Capacity (BTU, ton, kW)
10,000 / 0.8Rt / 2.9kW
Power Supply (Hertz, Phase, Volts)
50 / Single / 220
Size (W x D x H) mm
435 x 610 x 520
57kg (125Lbs)
Current Consumption
5 Amps
Power Consumption
Air filter material
Aluminum / Vinylchloride
Refrigerant type
Max hot air duct length
Condensate Tank (Liter)
Auto pump included
Cooling Area (㎡)

MODULAR Multi Air Conditioner

Weltem Modular multi air conditioners feature multi-function spot cooler providing various accessories available to fit customers needs.

Portable This unit has ability to move easily from room to room using portable kit. It is availble spot​ cooling for large ares where cooling of the entire area in not practical. This air conditioner can also be used in areas for room cooling

Server Rack It cna be rack-mounted inside 19" computer server rack for cooling small computer and server rooms. This unit occupy just 12U of rack space.

Mounted, Hong It can be used to mounted type where your needs and hung type using ceiling mounted kit.

Stack This unit provides 3 times cooling capacity for stacking units using stack kit. (maximum 3 units)

> Typical Use· IT Environments · Industrial Kitchens · Hospitals · Laboratories · Emergency cooling · Multiple factory offices · Process cooling · Multi work stations · Vessels
· Disaster relief · Sports rooms · Special events -marquee cooling
· Temporary office - lobby cooling · Equipment spot cooling
· Military Uses - tents, aircraft hangars

> Features
· Auto-restart · Easy installation · Cleanse & dehumidify the air as it cools
· Washable filter · Self-diagnostic system · Hot & cold ducts are easily extendable
· Suitable for all applications · Condensate overflow protection
· Spot cool and room cool thermostat settings
· Off-timer · Durable metal construction

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